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A tale of unrequited taste & plant based burgers

Updated: Jun 29

Two burger houses - alike in dignity, in fair London, where we lay our scene...

That was just for the Literature buffs amongst you. Both restaurants specialise in burgers and have a similar decor - so the pun is totally justified.

Dan & I headed to Lakeside for a cheeky GBK a little while ago. For those of you that haven't been, think minimal wood accented chic, millennial and tasteful. Their speciality is burgers, and quite frankly I'm not mad at that. I loved their meat options before I converted and had high hopes for the vegan options. I opted for a classic veggie, but instead of the bun, I had a tasty slaw and a mini corn on the cob. The patty was okay - just your average crushed bean mix... It did have a healthy amount of smoked paprika though, so much so, it overpowered the beans. The slaw was the star of the show! Not technically vegan because it had some honey in it; (but that's okay, I'm plant based), had a lovely refreshing light sweetness, bringing a much needed hit of joy. It's pretty hard to get a sweet potato fry wrong, so there's not much to say on that. For around £12.50, you get a lot for your money, and with the winning combo of the slaw and a crunchy sweet potato fry, it's definitely not to be sneezed at.

GBK's Classic Vegan (no bun), corn on the cob, slaw & sweet potato fries

Honest Burger has the same millennial feel, but feels a little darker - although this could be because they use a darker wood to decorate? The plant based burger is the only vegan option on the menu. It's made with the famous Impossible burger and owing to a real craving for meat, I decided it was high time I tried it. It was, in a word: yummy. The patty tasted like real meat and had a great bite to it, I was really impressed with the texture. The smell was a little confusing though, as it was distinctly sausage-y. Not like a meat sausage, a vegan sausage, made with pink mush and soft to the touch... Maybe it was the delicate smokey gouda, maybe it was the sharp tangy mustard or maybe I just really wanted to love it? For a cool £13, it's not too bad. The fries are a highlight, delicately seasoned with rosemary, fried yet still fluffy and light. At the time I thought it was my favourite plant burger. In hindsight, I'm not so sure. I still vaguely remember the texture and taste of the Moving Mountains vegan burger - a burger so exclusive, you can only really try it at selected restaurants.

Honest Burger - Plant Based Burger with Rosemary Fries

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