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Can fast food be both healthy and tasty? 

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

I frequent Leon more often that I'd like to admit. It's convenient, it's healthy-ish and I don't have to worry about being vegan. When I'm there I have options. I've raved enough about the Love burger on my Instagram; it is the BEST thing on the menu, (including the non-vegan items).

In terms of snacks, Leon doesn't let the vegans miss out, they have a wide range of sweet treats to choose from. I picked the Paleon Bar for it's seeds, oats and dried fruits. Yummy and with a nice hit of ginger, it's a naughty but nice end to any meal. It is a little stodgy though, so I have never managed to finish one by myself.

A little newer and almost fresh from an ad campaign comes the Plantain Curry box. It looks good and boasts Carribbean flavours but unfortunately disappoints. The small chunks of plantain seem a little undercooked and therefore are very hard, the curry sauce is lacking flavour and just tastes vaguely of coconut milk. The parsley garnish does not save the lack of seasoning either, I'd like to not have to add salt to my food... especially not the bog standard table salt they offer. Maybe I'm asking for too much, but couldn't they mass season it before they pack it down to assemble later?

Lastly, the Brazilian Black Bean box. Well, aside from tasting vaguely like paprika, I don't get any Brazilian vibes from it. I emptied a whole satchet of salt and drizzled the Garlic Aoli all over it just to give it a little oomph. I realised at this point that the names of the products can't be taken seriously. It's just a marketing ploy... It looks like a duck, tries to quack like a duck, but ultimately isn't a duck. Perhaps if they had more general names my expectations wouldn't be so high?

So I come to the conclusion that to check the box of healthy, they've had to take out the salt and perhaps some of the yummy but naughty oils and stocks that would bring these boxes to life. I can't help but wonder if a little Pink Himalayan salt, garlic paste and some black pepper couldn't help save it? Maybe even a fresh chilli garnish on the Plantain Curry to bring it to life?

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