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Coronavirus dragged the fast fashion industry...

Fashion as we know it is on life support. Luckily, fashion transcends the material - it can and will adapt. Previously, attending a show encouraged more than a visual experience, there's also an emotional connection and sometimes even the distinct feeling of nostalgia when the references are clear. It's an experience I have only had by proxy so far and I already miss it.

Image credits: Fashionista

With Primark's sales dropping from £650m to £0, it's a rude awakening to focus on quality over quantity and realise that the world is digital now. Personally, I've had a love/hate relationship with Primark. I love the "bargain" but don't always love the fit, quality or even wear it. I think for me, I was into the experience of hunting for something and feeling like I somehow one-upped the retailer, paying less than the sticker price. If I sit down and add it all up, I know I lost. That piece that I fell for in the moment was probably cheaply made and un-original. I remember when I graduated to Topshop and kept buying Jonis (if you know, you know), it was like I had a subscription, every few months I was back, getting my denim fix. I had to step back and evaluate after a while, Jamie's were better quality and more durable, but I had always avoided them because they were slightly more expensive. Deep it... £4 or £36 every 3 months.

Image credits: Topshop

A few days before lockdown I was considering heading to Primark for a pleated PU leather skater dress I saw. It was pricey for Primark but decent for anywhere else, and that haunts me. As much as I wanted that dress I had to check myself: would it last, did it feel durable, where would I wear it and did I just like how it looked? I still have that urge to shop, especially when there's a sale, but I have to be mindful. I need to think differently about price. Fast fashion relies on low margins and a lot of product, if I really want to get out of the cross hairs, I need to shop intentionally and take the time to be inspired, not rush to the sale.

I need to take a breath and look to ingenuity and sustainability. I think it's time I lean into vintage shopping...


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