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I'm basically a "demi-vegan" at this point

I don't really want to get into semantics, but I'm happy to briefly explain myself. I was (for all intensive purposes) as close to vegan as I could be. Minus the occasional blob of mayonnaise with my chips, I stuck to it as much as I could. I committed to not buying any non-vegan beauty products, making such my clothes were more "ethically sourced" and trying to make better decisions on the whole.

I know most people have the misconception that vegans are super healthy and slim.... Well I'm fat ... and I'm a vegan, hi. I mostly eat meat substitutes, vegan desserts and the occasional bean chilli con carne when I can be bothered to soak and season them. I know you're thinking maybe I should call myself "plant based" and I would, but to be honest: I'm closer to vegan. I don't eat eggs (when I'm not having that rare {but not really that rare} mayo).

Demi-vegan seems like the closest thing to categorise myself in. I know some people don't enjoy labels, but I don't think I mind. It's an easy way to classify myself quickly and communicate what I am all about. Now that we're in lockdown; the shops nearest me aren't necessarily vegan friendly. I mean, I can get veggie Quorn and the odd Linda McCartney sausage... but to really have some variety and actually meet my cravings, I'll need to go to Asda.

On a normal day, that's not an issue... but I am understandably not keen on getting a bus there. One of these days I'll walk. It's not that far to be honest, it's just the prospect of walking there to queue because they'll have a customer count policy - a reasonable thing while we should be socially distancing, but an annoying problem. Can you say first world problems?

I queued outside of Wilko for 90 minutes today, and that was just for hand soap and a new set of sheets. Imagine how motivated I'll be when I'm trying to meet my craving for ice-cream. Realistically it's not terribly important and I can do without...


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