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I tried the Vegan KFC burger

So earlier this month KFC dropped a vegan chicken fillet burger. Made with Quorn and the iconic blend of 11 herbs and spices and vegan mayonnaise. It's great that there's a vegan option at KFC, but it's not surprising that it's a burger. Vegan burgers are everywhere.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the texture and taste. The crumb was light and pleasantly seasoned, the quorn patty dense and rather filling; but the mayo was nondescript. On the whole, the burger was so-so. Yummy, but not worth writing home. The promotional vegan wrap from last year was a lot nicer.... I'd love if that made a re-appearance.

I ordered the fries too, and yes I know they aren't vegan. For me, if I'm going to have a burger, I want the fries too. It actually wouldn't be too much work for them to make the fries vegan... Why not just fry it in the same oil as the Quorn patty?

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