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Leon's Sweet Breakfast of Champions

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

On my way back from an early interview I stopped at Leon to treat myself to a yummy breakfast. I used my loyalty card & only had to pay for the porridge. (That's how much I go there!)

I opted for my usual oat milk hot chocolate. *M&S Advert voice* It's not just any hot chocolate, it's a rich and flavourful 70% dark cocoa chocolate, made of the finest shavings melted delicately in creamy oat milk. It's a LEON style vegan friendly hot chocolate, with a hint of apricot essence.

For my main, I ordered a cashew nut milk porridge pot with cinnamon, honey and fresh banana. I know honey isn't vegan, (they didn't have any agave syrup). The porridge was warm and smooth, definitely made with a quality jumbo wholegrain oat. My only criticism is that the cinnamon & honey are not mixed into the pot, but merely used as a garnish. My last few bites were a little underwhelming.

As a mid-morning snack, I chose the billionaire square, reminiscent of a naked bar, it's boasts of a delicate sweetness and a hint of savoury topped in a delicious creamy chocolate ganache. Each bite has a few crushed cashew nuts, a date spread, the biscuit crumble and a sweet hit of lovely dark chocolate.

All in all, a winning combination for those of us that have a sweet tooth. I would have gone savoury, but then I would have to order mushrooms...

No thanks.


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