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To vegan or not to vegan, that is the question.

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Calling yourself a vegan is easier said than done. Foods that seem to be or look "vegan friendly" might not be. I make no secret of the fact I am a bad vegan, and want to sit under the plant based banner instead.

Why? Because I have an unhealthy love for mayonnaise. Before you ask, yes I have tried "veganaise" - it's yucky. The texture is weird, and it's too sweet. Sweetness is not usually a critique of mine, and yet here I am telling you that the plant based version isn't as good.

Morally, I want to be a vegan. I am for the animals, the planet, the environment and my own health. But realistically, whenever I have a chip, I'm reaching for the Hellmann's (or the Lidl equivalent, as that one has proven to be tolerable). Mayonnaise isn't the only thing... there's also Quorn. I know I am lactose intolerant, but I tend to ignore it, as being vegan (or plant based) means I don't encounter it much. Most of the Quorn products have a smidge of either milk powder or egg whites in them. They aren't vegan, they are veggie. I found myself wilfully ignoring this because I was hoping the balance of eating 6% egg white would not have me stripped of my title.

It then occurred to me that I had probably been a little too hard on myself and tried to transition a fast. Instead of struggling to go full vegan, I decided I would stick to being plant based, while avoiding dairy and then aim to slowly transition back to a being a full on vegan. I'm hoping by then I will have learned a few more vegan recipes, perfected my favourites and decided on some new go-tos.

Here's to vegan dams 2.0 sometime in 2020!

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